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@finn hey, don't bottom like this I was agreeing with you! Have some respect!!

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Sincere moving account talk, pinning it 

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i am awoooooooga-ing at you respectfully my lord

Thomas keeps listing people and there's no way they're all in that movie

The road to heaven is red with blood, but it's fine, honestly

The road to heaven closed in 2021, and I will lead those watching for its return

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Just saw a sunset that looked like a road paving the way to heaven, so i guess it's time to be a prophet or something

(the USPS attendant looks at me quizzically as i plop down a stack of assorted leopard-print garments at the post office) theyre for my gay friends

So I’ve never been to a water park but I like to imagine that when I was born there was a guy like the type of guy you’d expect works at a water park and has to sit at the top of the slide. So he looks at my soul and says “I hope you’re ready for this, little dude.” and shoves me down the side and just like that I am born into this bullshit ass Earth.

Text swiping nonsense 

quin is gone on a weeklong trip which means round these parts it's permanent Goblin Mode

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