“Is Alien a horror movie?” is a current discourse on Film Twitter and fuck I am so glad that I can come here to avoid that

Alien is a horror movie, obviously, this is a wildly stupid question to ask. Some blue check said it can’t be a horror movie because it’s “set in space” which is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard

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@radicalrobit sorry but scary space things are sci-fi and there’s no such thing as sci-fi horror because space is inherently frightening


@Thomas @radicalrobit there is such a thing as sci-fi horror and it is any sci-fi set in space. Wall-e? Sci-fi horror. The new family Robison show? Sci-fi horror. Looney tunes episode with the Martian? You guessed it, Sci-fi horror

@phillyis @radicalrobit I mean you could argue for Wall-E and The Martian being horror

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