As some of you know, I've been volunteering with a mutual aid group in Greensboro. They're trying real hard to get to sustainability with their patreon, but also take one time donations (I'm pretty sure some people from here have done one or the other and thanks because ya'll helped make the goal last month). So if you have any that you want to donate to a good cause that helps many people, you could do much worse than WHOA

Did not notice the link was broken, I guess ya gotta add https on odd top level domains


Here is the best photo I took today, again, forgot to take any after we left Urban 🤷


I have once again forgotten to take a picture after leaving Urban, but I did actually get to stage the table during a lull in people coming by. Still looking for more individual bottles to hand out sanitizer in, but pretty stocked in everything else we normally do. I'm on snack bag week now so no sandwhiches, just granola bars and crackers


If you would like to help us be able to do sandwiches every Saturday and only do snack packs on Wednesdays, feel free to visit and donate! Also, ION has started a Patreon for their prisoner outreach to help deal with any costs associated with the new communication system the jail has going and to pay for the post office box used previously and still use for prison outreach


In exciting news today I didn't even remember to take pics at Urban! Here's a pic of the truck loaded up before we left the meet up spot


It wasn't even *hot* today but it's getting warmer out. We're gonna have to get more coolers or incorporate going back for more water in between stops because we went through all three and most of the big cooler we filled up before going back out to the park


That's around *some quick math* 144 (3x48) plus whatever was left from Wednesday which looked to be about 30. Part of that was Urban was *BUSY* today! Met some people from three different churches that do clothing drives and got a donation of KFC two piece boxes they were giving out, much better than Urbans normal fair. We talked with them, they were decent people, started as just one couple then they got their church involved and now three churches work together. Not for me, but cool


Like, the reason I've gotten so into WOAH is that I didn't personally want to volunteer with explicitly Christian groups, but I don't mind working beside them to materially help our homeless brethren, sisthren, and kinthren. These people need help and those organizations are already set up to do so, as long as they don't require bullshit like salvation army I'm down with that

WHOA Distribution 

Last distribution in the old place, only thing left to move was the distribution stuff today! Good day, rained after we got done but...

ION letter writing 

It cleared up in time for us to do the letter writing event. I shadowed the leader so if I ever need to run one I see what needs to be done and introduced myself to the attendees so they know me. Good turnout for it have just poured and still kinda sprinkling, the organizer chose a good dry spot in anticipation of the weather.


So all the kids left school yesterday and thanks to mom's intervention the snack packs and various take home kits that would have been thrown out came home and I took them up with me today

Here's the things I printed last night, well, minus the letter writing instructions because I didn't take a pic of those

Here is the thread where letters describe the shit conditions in Guilford County detention center. As the thread ends, this is why we write, so that things like this don't go unnoticed.

Been a while since I posted in this thread for various reasons, but with this account being up and running again... here we go

So, as people in the northern hemisphere may have noticed, fall is getting into swing. And while I love the season for selfish reasons, it also marks the start of it getting cold. And when it's cold, it ranges from uncomfortable to dangerous to sleep unsheltered. As a way of helping keep our neighbors safe, there's a yearly sleeping bag drive that's been done in Marcus Smith's name the past couple years here.

There's a button to a wishlist in the linktree link if you like to and can donate or, if you'd prefer or can't buy a whole sleeping bag, you can donate to the venmo and make a note that it is for the sleeping bag drive. Also, I'd suggest looking and seeing if you can find a local sleeping bag/winter wear drive, I know that funds for aid groups this time of year where need starts to grow but it's long before the traditional "giving season". Thank ya'll for your time reading

*coughing conspicuously* did someone say left unity?


@phillyis hey that's awesome! I didn't know you did this kind of work


@baronnarcveldt I've been doing it for a couple months now, I try to post about it when I can remember lol

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