Clocking out of my regular job and clocking in as a glorified pillow

This is just what life is to her. Different soft warm and cold smooth things to lay on

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Another day at the pillow factory, they keep asking me if they can pet the puppy, buddy, please pet the puppy my arm is tired

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@Laser she is very adorable, it's true! She's never seen a person she didn't think was her pillow either lol

@phillyis my cave never met a stranger and the couple times he got out he immediately thought "guess you're my mom and dad now "

@Laser Thea has literally choked herself into a coughing fit pulling to go to delivery people. And it's not like I'm standing still, I'm walking to the delivery person she just runs until she gets to the end of the leash and tries to run more! She could easily be taken by anyone if she got out, they'd say "treat" and she'd follow them on her own for miles

@sidd_harth0_5h4h wrong, she was born into a life of luxury and leaches off the worker (me) lies! This is a smear campaign against a cute little comrade! :blobcatknife:

@sidd_harth0_5h4h "sidd caping for capitalist, says 'I could change her' ignoring her history of labor exploitation" terrible, can't believe you've done this no! You’re not seeing the real enemy, the baby doggy is a friend & the real enemy is your employer! :gatopensa:

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