You write like you spent your entire formative years posting online

@phillyis this is honestly why i will never believe anyone who says i am good at writing

@binchicken pish posh, I don't actually know about your writing but I'm sure it's fine

@phillyis it is didactic and self-satisfied, wordy for wordiness’ sake. my writing would absolutely wear a trilby and get mad if anyone called it a fedora

@phillyis the thing is, I *did* spend my entire formative years posting online but I don't write like that

@nsmckinnon well well well, lookit ol' professor McKinnon, outperformin everyone again smh

@phillyis how about you write like you spent your formative years on Xbox Live?

@phillyis what if someone’s remote working the same way as they did teamspeak playing counterstrike in 2000 or something

(this isn’t a good joke for multiple reasons but also bc we immediately know who our streamer coworkers are based on their setups)

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