So I found out the "do you think God stays in heaven in fear of what he created?" comes from spy kids 2 (because the kids watched it yesterday) and I have to say for one of the best lines ever that sure is a weird movie to be in

@phillyis I haven’t seen them since they were in theaters, but I remember the Spy Kids movies being surprisingly good.

@phillyis Steve Buscemi delivering that line after showing off the tiny animals was one of the most surreal things in my childhood

@phillyis I feel this way about the "for me, it was Tuesday" exchange in Street Fighter. Like, it doesn't matter if anything else in the movie is worth watching, just getting to see Raul Julia deliver that line automatically makes it good

@robotcarsley oh jeez I didn't know that's where that was from either. Wow, what a good line

@phillyis if you haven't seen it the scene is great, not just for Raul Julia's delivery but also the gag where he changes his formal military cap for his evening military cap

@robotcarsley @phillyis for some reason I had no idea Ming Na Wen played Chung-Li I'm this. yes I watched that in like music class or some Bs av cart day in one middle school classroom or another

@phillyis God LOVES what He created, yet desires to let us choose Him instead of creating a universe to FORCE us to do so.

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