So the video I'm watching has a paid promotion at the front and I found this

CW: weird, I don't know what else to label it but it needed something

Making sure to keep my mom from being too proud (we had talked earlier in the week about how I bought storage containers, this wasn't out of the blue)

Thanks grey lady, I'm glad I clicked through and found that liberal cities in the south are doing about the same as liberal cities in the north and pretending that by being in the south they didn't have restrictions separate from state government in place

On the one hand, her very presence makes me miserable

On the other, she started using the cat tree house thing today

Touched it up a bit and feel better about it. Still looks silly if my eyes are completely shut for longer than a blink, but progress

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Ugh, apps 

Help me... please you have to answer first.. or at least politely laugh

Now Harvey, you have to have a thing. You know, a thing. You're bad at hiding like angus, you aren't fluffy like perogi ... what're you good at *loud screaming because it's dinner time* no no loki already has the screaming market locked up

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