@sidd_harth0_5h4h this was posted by work philly, I am now off work. Brain shift

The absolute fucking gall of saying "it's less transmissible in kids" ok, and so we should pack them into schools that regularly keep flu and colds spreading around town to seemingly unrelated groups

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I think it's pretty cool that we decided to reopen one of the biggest normal vectors of infection in our entire society in the middle of a pandemic and never shut them down. Like, name one other place where 60% of the people in an area are 1 degree away from (I mean small towns with one factory or mine, but schools are that way for everywhere)

So back in 1964, some dude in xanadu turned a fictional idea of moving between microfilm into a fictional idea of crossreferencing things on a computer. Thus the hyperlink was born

potato scaffold for a souffle/holy orthotics? 

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@Blakely it was very helpful, told me "what" and "what for". A+ caption imo

@soft @Blakely it's pretty good and I know I can find it nationally which is convenient

It’s literally impossible to find beard-care products that aren’t called like “Commodore Rex Manly’s Industrial Grade Dude Pomade: Atomic Naval Assault Scent”

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