i am always hitting buttons. they're not the right buttons, but i hit them nonetheless

Also I said fuck it and restored from sometime in May, so... cool

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goodbye world (turning off instance to take a backup this time like a not idiot)

@geet I'm struggling to find a lead-up to this quiz that leads to me saying no

Thanks twice weekly check-in to Twitter for this hilarious news

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@breakfastgolem I wonder if anyone has read the many many reports I've filed on breakfast golem

Head and heart full of homemade white sauce with just a *touch* too much vinegar

one time i got home from work and my roommate and his girlfriend were having some kinda heated argument, and they looked up at me like "okay, so, JD, is Carnation Instant Breakfast, by itself, actually breakfast?"

@Thomas this is not legally true in my case, only spiritually

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