@sexybenfranklin you did a great job marinating that chicken early enough to sit on the couch!

@Louisa you're doing a great job cutting out that paper Louisa!

Wow, can't believe no one wants to be told they're doing great

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The Phantom back at it at the Opera 

I'm 80% sure this mf in front of me at McDonald's ordered macaroni

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I wish I was having a piña colada on Cheep Cheep Beach

No judgement (no judgement clause is subject to change)

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Reply to this to tell me what you're doing and I'll tell you you're doing great

The Phantom back at it at the Opera 

@principito you too can get sabrina to trick your brain into doing what you're putting off, with one easy trick

@principito you're right, now I'm going to go buy "medicinal" items

@principito thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to the store to buy things that are bad for me now!

@kiosk as you should! Wasps can be hard to extricate

@principito but it was nice, me and mom sat outside and caught up for about an hour before I ever made it inside and I never tire of explaining how westerns, while sometimes entertaining, are complete fictions akin to scifi in their accuracy

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