Looking up giant elbow octopus and not being disappointed

youre claiming to.be too hot, and yet ypure snuggling me. curious

I just said the words ‘comrade goblin’ and P McG lifted her head and said ‘rrrrrrp?’

Ideal multiverse of madness watch strat: see about 67% of the movie in completely random order

@HoneyMoon a quarter and a Canadian nickel? Walking around money. Jeff bezos net worth? Walking around money

@PhoebeWallerPalladino@monads.online I got 99 problems and could very easily make one more problem for next to no effort if you'd prefer I had a nice round number of problems

Love to be in a meeting with zero voice and have to talk

Selfie, eye contact 

Hello I do not feel too much like poop for once

City is now charging $25 if you have your bins out before 7pm the night before or after 7pm the day or pickup. For "sanitary and aesthetic" reasons. I responded to the group chat about this with "assthetic"

Perfectly normal system to list every account on a domain blocked instance in the suspended accounts

@Thomas I have to leave a voicemail, so luckily that does not happen

@bryn when there's an active effort to nuclear family the whole world, I'd say it's pretty necessary. That shit sucks

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