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I tried to watch the fifth season of the magicians and my power went out before the end of the first scene, coincidence? I think not

"So, how're you and your bros? Ya'll been making sure to wash eachothers backs? You know it's hard to reach back there!"

Power's on, everyone's nightmare of me being really focused on my phone is over

I'm the Char Aznable of the Monads Megadungeon. you meet me several times using different short phrases for pseudonyms and different gay microgenders even though we're all clearly the same person. the fan convention is to refer to my aliases/alter egos as Mads "[pseudonym]" Viande

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"I'm just mwahahahaha happy to be here" I taunt the player character as they try and fail to dodge roll past me and onwards in the dungeon. However they failed a minor conversation check three chapters earlier and cannot advance. There's supposed to be a dialogue option to initiate a fetch quest to get me to move but it's bugged and you have to carefully advance towards me at the first meeting without making me move to block you. The devs are working on it

@bees @sidd_harth0_5h4h gonna never use this because I hate it and also whoever taught it to you

there's also a puzzle solution where you convince starwall to aid you and destroy me, but in so doing they trick the player into Opening the Volcano which is a teaser ending for the sequel

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Posting will continue until interaction increases

Selfie ec boosts mandatory 

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Happy to be Here

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