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I'll be Lying in State for the lasagna, Satan"

Reading about the exact amount of capital controlled by early 20th century banks to ???

I love when my blankets are cold and then I warm them up with my body heat

I will never tire of content about the guy and his wife, the endangered white-naped crane

So I found out the "do you think God stays in heaven in fear of what he created?" comes from spy kids 2 (because the kids watched it yesterday) and I have to say for one of the best lines ever that sure is a weird movie to be in

the voight-kampf test determines whether you are a human being or a GIRLBOSS!

Looks like a hot fall, and for once I'm not talking about climate change

You studied martial arts with the world's top masters. I've studied marital arts with the worlds best divorce lawyers. We are not the same

What if I was an anarchist and you were an archduke.... and we both got lost and off the parade route?😳😳

Ok, maybe this is about how I came to help get distribution set up and it's now time to go out and there are zero (0) other people here and I'm not even signed up today

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Decades happen in weeks because tankies are notorious for being late and have to cram everything in

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