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Basing my entire personality on the boss in Harvey Birdman, attorney at law

Going with leggings under sweatpants for ultimate comfort

Just wrote a post with a condition called Goofus Brain

But there's already red blends right there, choose that

I have also had an argument about whether if I have a ticket about someone logging into their VDI and now they can, that that ticket gets closed

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Dude, you didn't get migrated. I'm sorry you got an email that has been documented as false that everyone was. You and 700 people weren't. I cannot escalate this, you don't have a problem

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I have spent 30 minutes arguing, via Skype, that this ticket about being able to log into Skype was resolved

marcus aurelius was tje real double threat. he would have gotten addicted to benzos AND taken the horse paste.

once again asking for gift recommendations, cw philosophy or whatever 

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my name is sydney i'm 28 years old and I post shit like satan is a catboy for selfcare

anyway im audiobooking through ASoIaF because it’s been years and i want a refresher for when the new book comes out in 5 years

Japanese remake of The Sopranos. Set it in whatever the Jersey of Tokyo is. Tony is a Yakuza boss, AJ is a young hikkikomori

Balling my eyes out (crosses you so hard your ankles break and my eyes fly clean outta my skull)

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