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I watched my cousin play most of the main kingdom hearts games as a kid and watched a buddy play the first one a couple years ago and I couldn't tell you anyone in it outside of original Disney characters until this web of sites

Spider-key, spider-key,
Does whatever a misskey can

We now interrupt this program to bring you this important announcement: DILFs

When Google autocompletes a search for something I think I might have with "autism" every goddam day: "what does this mean?"

Scrum master is a rubbish job title. They should be simply referred to as 'nerd shepherds'

Me thinking in the shower: ok so here are some funny changed lyrics and enough for four posts about some historical bullshit
Me thinking on the toilet: poop, I'm poopin, this process is weird, poop

We finished it and I'm not sure what that was but it was definitely a thing

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Why is the Jim Carrey grinch on and why is it like this

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