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it's been at least 100 days since i posted that I'm 5'0" so here's that information again

*flexes on you heterosexually by mussing hair, putting arm on head and then subsequently around shoulders* haha bro you're so short and this is why I have done this thing

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So like

It is known tesse lore that I am about 5'8"-5'9", which is not even that short but it meant that most of my male friends were at least a couple inches taller than me before I came out. And let me tell you if you're even a tiny bit shorter than average you get some confusingly homoerotic contact from tall men who are not even trying to be gay

I worked in a kitchen for tall people once, it sucked. So I get why it would suck the other way

Just added to this with "sowtfare" I think it's quitting time soon

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An elevated action movie? You mean Air Force One (1997) starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman?

the only thing I know about Yakuza is that Kiryu and Majima should kiss

I just tried to spell scott sctoo so I'm definitely "here" and "happy"

The real dividing line between people on these webbed sites is the results to a poll asking "I want to do thing and i know it will be bad but I want permission"


Ordered myself a smoked salmon bagel, as a special treat

JUST WALK OUT you can leave!!!

social thing
clothes shoppi
too fancy weed store
cops if your quick
friend ships
the Hotel California 🎸


I can't believe how generous people have been—as of this morning we hit ten pledges, totaling $11.75 per right answer.

We're still going to keep trying to raise money for Just the Pill, though.

Help us raise money for abortion care in underserved communities—and watch a bunch of dorks have fun playing trivia along the way!

Pledge at:

Watch (on 5/20!) at:

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