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brook one piece is so real because if i became a skeleton i would definitely make so many bone puns


Uh oh, Thomas is mad about southern stereotypes and I'm barefoot drinking a beer in the yard again. This keeps happening

I will smile as the thread continues because I'm not looking at white dred man anymore

I love all the one piece crew members equally
Earlier: I don't care for sanji

IRCed-up reply boy with a little bit of lag busts it down Federated style. is he bloated with the FOSS

@mood you have to admit lady liberty is pretty statuesque

(sorry, I'm trying to delete)

Critical support to comrade Tsar Nicolas for being completely incompetent at everything. The revolution salutes you for your good work sabotaging the government

My ignore folders, which were cleared before I took off had 20,000. What a damn nightmare

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I had 1000 emails that weren't routed to my "ignore" folders. It was a fucking week

Every instance of ironically saying a word or phrase stops being ironic the first time you accidentally do it earnestly

@cicatriz_jdr any comment on the rise of running up that hill covers spurred on by stranger things? (I can't find the original toot but I'm pretty sure it was you and it said something like the world has moved beyond the need for more running up that hill covers)

Q showing 007 the new high-tech suit he invented that jerks you off

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