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I Know What You Did During A Very Specific Summer, The Summer of Anno Domini Nineteen Sixty-Nine— Bryan Adams

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If I was a cat i would shit respectfully in the box and not cause problems

Thinking about insulting people I see every day for no reason

I love thrifting babbieee!! Now I can be comfy and cozy and still feel cute (just a little ec, as a treat)

Starting a non profit to educate old people about the difference between commas and nonironic ellipses

Reaching down and grabbing a handful of timeline and rubbing it directly into my face: there's a disturbance here... chewy cookie eaters

the two sleep genders are cuddly and sweaty

a real ghost wouldn't have pants because pants don't die

Me: "Why do the kids hate me sometimes?"
Also me: *cheering when one goes to timeout*

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